RTT Online API Documentation



This is the Online API documentation of the Orocos Real-Time Toolkit.


It is easiest to browse the classes by modules, to not loose the overview. Click for example on the Modules List link, select a module and then you get the most important classes for this module.

You will most likely also need to read the online manuals.

Real-Time Toolkit classes (RTT)

The classes in the RTT namespace form the application independent control services which defines the portable framework using the five parts of a Component interface: events: RTT::Event, commands: RTT::Command, methods: RTT::Method, properties: RTT::Property, RTT::Attribute and data ports: RTT::DataPort, RTT::BufferPort. A Control Component is run by a RTT::PeriodicActivity or RTT::NonPeriodicActivity and inherits from a RTT::TaskContext. The RTT::ExecutionEngine is the heart of each component which contains the application code, reacts to events, processes commands etc. Scripting is enabled by the RTT::ScriptingAccess, XML can be read by the RTT::MarshallingAccess. Many other classes are available as well.

Hardware Access and Device Drivers

Orocos has an abstraction layer and some utility classes to easily access your devices from within your applications and allow you to reuse Orocos infrastructure. The Device Interface headers can be found in rtt/dev.

The device drivers are not implemented by the RTT, but provided by components. See the Orocos Components Library (OCL) documentation for a list of supported devices and examples.

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